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1500 ₽
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3 halls up to 16, 25 и 24 person
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Russian, European, Mixed kitchen
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live music from Monday to Sunday
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Working hours
11:00 — 00:00
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Located in the historical centre of St. Petersburg, 3-minutes’ walk from Chernyshevskaya metro station, the art-cafe "Sunduk" ("Trunk box") is a mix of varied cuisine, legendary interior and daily music programmes. All this makes the art-cafe "Sunduk" one of the local attractions certainly worth visiting. And its convenient location near the Marriage Registration Palace, Newborns Registration Palace "Malyutka" and Taurida Garden is an excellent occasion to celebrate any solemn date.

The legendary author-designed interior of the place was created and reformed over the years by a whole galaxy of popular artists. Like an old trunk box, the café is full of offbeat objects all over: the legendary doors to the toilets with a variety of handles and latches, thousands of interior-specific old and modern widgets, author-design plates and panels on the walls, soft couches, a huge aquarium in one of the halls - all this creates a cosy, warm and in fact homelike atmosphere.

There are three halls in "Sunduk". The first has 17 seats, the second - 35, the third - 20. As the halls are interconnected, it is possible to arrange large-scale crowded celebrations or demure banquets in any of the three halls. The velvet VIP-room, on the contrary, will be ideal for a party in privy or a romantic date.

The "gimmick" of the art cafe is its interesting cultural programme, unique in character. Every evening, seven days a week, there is live music in "Sunduk"; the performing musicians play various genres, but all of them have one thing in common: love for quality, "pop-free" music. Among the permanent "residents" are: Uncle Misha (ex. "Aquarium", "Alisa", "DDT", "Pop Mechanics"), Dmitry Archangelsky, Ksyusha Arsenyeva and Co., popular Petersburg groups and duets. The repertoire offers world jazz and blues hits, rock'n'roll, pop-rock, French and Russian songs, the guitar, flamenco and more. The "Sunduk"’s cultural programme is so diverse that is interesting to drop in here every day. And of course, every guest receives a warm welcome here.

Well, a couple of words about the cuisine. The cafe Chéf creates original and truly delicious meals. The house special salads of warm duck with ruccola and pickled oyster mushrooms; the original warm steak salad with beef, capers, vegetables and raw champignons will satisfy any gourmet. Among the meat and fish hits of the house are lamb rack with pomegranate sauce; beef steak with mozzarella cheese; duck breast fillet with apples baked in honey; tender halibut on zucchini pancake; smoked eel with rice noodles and fried vegetables.

Leafing through the menu, you can not help smiling: many pages are accompanied by entertaining pictures and messages to the visitors. And the good-quality, well-cooked meals are «Sunduk»’s hallmark.

The café’s by-the-glass list is not inferior in its variety of choice to respectable restaurants. You will find a wide selection of wines of the Old and New World in it. For those who prefer hard liquors, we offer various brands of cognac, whiskey, liqueurs. You will find a broad selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, hot grogs and punches, home-style lemonades.

"Sunduk" definitely emits warmth and cosiness and is perfect for hiding from the city bustle. This is a place where you can not but return. Having visited this place once, you will definitely come here again. And then you will get a habit of dropping in here. And according to the "Sunduk"’s slogan: "If you are uncertain what you want - come here. We have it!"